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Love our wood-burning stoves and our Fire Chief.

Living in the Eastern Sierra, we are fortunate to be able to embrace true mountain living which includes using wood to heat our homes. The image of a crackling fireplace conjures up memories of days gone by, vacations in the mountains, and a warmth that is beautiful, and comforting. That doesn't mean wood-burning fireplaces are the easiest method, but the method that many of us choose.  Lots of us locals have trailers and head out into the forest, the minute USFS woodcutting permits are issued.  After gathering, comes the wood-splitting, the stacking, and covering of well-earned woodpiles.  For those of us who use our fireplaces all winter long, it is extremely important to have them inspected yearly. 

Juli 2.jpeg

Juli Baldwin is a stalwart resident of June Lake, making this her home since 1994 and committed to our community in a variety of ways.  After joining the June Lake Fire Department as their secretary in 1995 she worked her way up the ranks as an engineer, captain,  and assistant chief. 


In 2015 Juli became our Fire Chief, one of only 50 women across the nation to lead a fire department.  Not only is she our fire chief Juli is also an accomplished  EMT and usually the first on scene when a call for help comes in.   Medical calls are the majority of the service calls the department receives and a part of the job that Juli really loves.  


As a wife of one of June Lake's Fire Department volunteers, I can tell you Juli and her team are dedicated, reliable, and train hard to keep June Lake safe.

Call :1-559-906-8156

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