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Cabin deck overlooking June Lake
Why should  you work with an agent who specializes in cabins?


Whether you are looking for a fee simple (you own the land) or a US Forest Service cabin (you are permitted to use the land), working with someone who knows the ins and outs of mountain living could be your largest asset in purchasing a Cabin in the Woods.


Sure Zillow, Truila and countless other online sources will provide, often out dated information, on prices, availability but it won't inform you about the details, financing and procedures to own these special pieces of American landscape and heritage.


They won't tell you which way the wind blows, the water flows, when the snow gets plowed, where to get your firewood, when the birds return and if you will have cell service.

The mountains call to one in very special, individual ways.  Life in the Sierra Nevada is slower, calmer and spacious. Choosing to call the Eastern Sierra home is a profound step to inviting nature, beauty, community and like minded people into your life.


I want to help you find a place that makes your spirit soar,  that’s my calling as a Realtor. Whether it is a home, a retreat, precious land or a business that brings you to our mountains and community, WELCOME!


A truly special cabin


Listing provided by Heidi Vetter of June Lake Properties




Contact Heidi Vetter at 559.906.8156 to inquire about this property.


"We love our forest service cabin.  Being from Los Angeles we like having a place to enjoy all four seasons.  It's also very peaceful and you essentially have your own little slice of national forest at your doorstep.  Heidi helped walk us through how these properties differ from regular real estate and for us it has been a perfect match." - Corey & Kathryn



Call :1-559-906-8156

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